Since living in Atlanta, I have been a frequent coffee shop groupie. While in college I quickly learned that I was never able to get work done while at home and found myself busting out my best written work at local coffee shops & book stores. I love a good coffee shop that allows me to spread my work out and spend as much time as I need on free wifi and sipping on good Jo. Good music is always a perk - but I'm usually the one with headphones in her ears, as I am very serious about my "get stuff done" playlist.

I've recently found myself spending a lot of time at

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

shop in Historic Roswell. Set up in a small house,


has a true laid back atmosphere. A full menu of coffees, teas, pastries and even your very own french press gives you that comfortable coffee shop feeling. At certain hours throughout the day the place can get somewhat busy with small groups and workout moms who like to spend their mornings there. At night: a whole new scene. With long hours,


schedules local musicians and Open Mic Nights to entertain the evening crowd.

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The coffee is not only inexpensive and good, but the best part is their purpose.

Land of a Thousand Hills

has used the coffee empire for a good cause by working with paying a fair wage to the farmers of Rwanda. Helping them with basic needs and investing in various village projects. So, not only are you drinking good, fair-traded coffee, but you are doing good.

Check out more about it at


Rating: 8

Must get: Rwandan French Press ($4.25 for 2-3 cups) / Oatmeal ($2.00)

352 S. Atlanta St.

Roswell, GA 30075